ENJOY Fresh, locally grown LIving lettuce & Micro greens

Bella Verdi  is a hydroponic  grower of  specialty greens, herbs and living  lettuce. Bella Verdi grows its products in a controlled environment using sustainable agricultural practices. Such practices  involve soilless growing techniques, use of sterile rainwater, no chemicals, fungicides, or pesticides are used in growing the products. Pest management is handled using beneficial insects and other techniques. All product is grown from  Non-GMO seed. Bella Verdi  is a registered growing and packing facility with the U.S. FDA and meets or exceeds food safety standards established by the USDA and FDA.  Bella Verdi  has obtained GAP and cGMP certificates from third-party food safety auditors; so you can rest assured our products are safe for you and your family. Remember to wash the Lettuce before eating! 

Micro greens

  • Two-leaf  versions of herbs/vegetables, usually 7-14 days old; distinct from sprouts (roots)--often intensely flavored, and packed with nutrients.​
  • Used as a main ingredient or for a flavor punch and visual diversity in salads and entrees alike. Bon appétit.