Bella Verdi Farms offers the finest micro greens, culinary herbs and  Bibb lettuce to fine dining establishments, caterers and retail grocers throughout Texas. Our 13,000 sq. ft. greenhouse is located just outside of Austin, in Dripping Springs where we focus on growing the highest quality, healthful gourmet micro greens and herbs using our hybrid hydroponics growing process that follows the principles of organic food production.  

Our specialty... Micro greens are simply very “early” versions of greens or herbs that are intensely flavored and beautiful. They are typically harvested after 7-14 days and though small in size “micros” are packed flavor and nutrients. We offer many varietals and mixes that are sought after by chefs for both the visual and the culinary diversity they bring to the plate.Whether used as a garnish or the main ingredient of a recipe, micro greens deliver an added dimension to nearly any dish – from appetizers, salads and soups to entrees and even desserts! The various flavors of micro greens offer exciting food pairing opportunities… used in place of parsley or other finishing herbs, micro greens will add new and distinctive flavors to your favorite recipes and inspire new creations! 

Tomato with Sauteed Goat Cheese

and Micro Green salad

Bella Verdi Farms Gallery of Greens